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AB10598 - 10x50 X-Treme View Wide Angle Binoculars by Barska
10x50 XWA Xtreme View, Bak-4, Green Lens, Extreme Wide Angle, Long eye relief, Non-slip and shock absorbing rubber armor, Carrying case and neckstrap included, Limited lifetime warranty

Sporty design and an ultra-wide field of view make Xtreme View a great companion for any sporting event, concert or sightseeing adventure. With razor sharp focus, BAK-4 prisms and multi-coated optics, this spectator binocular go the distance delivering crisp, panoramic views. Long eye relief and foldable eyecups contribute to comfortable viewing and the extreme wide angle keeps more action in sight. Also perfect for viewing breathtaking scenic nature panoramas. Xtreme Views distinctive and sporty styling is enhanced with a non-slip and shock absorbing rubber armor covering that is both functional and comfortable.

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