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Multi-Reticle Green and Red Electro Sight

SKU: AC11704
reg price: $142.90
Sale: $69.99

Availability: In stock

The Barska AC11704 Multi-Reticle Green and Red Electro Sight is high impact rated to withstand large caliber punishing recoil. This multi-reticle panoramic sight is built with a standard 5/8” mount that is ideal for handguns, shotguns, crossbows, AR-15, M-16, and other similar rifles. It features 4 different red and green reticle patterns, rheostat illumination setting, and is powered by a lithium battery. With a screen size of 22 x 33mm, this sight provides unlimited eye relief and an almost unlimited field-of-view.

  • 4 Different Reticle Patterns
  • Red/Green Reticle Illumination
  • 22mm x 33,mm Screen Size
  • Unlimited Eye Relief
  • High Impact Rated

Barska Multi-Reticle Electro Sight is an incredibly versatile panoramic sight for crossbows, rifles, shotguns, carbines, and any other weapon you'd like to use for quick target shooting. These Barska Holo sights boast a high impact rating, so they can withstand recoil from the highest caliber weapons to say zeroed in and accurate. The red dot sight has a total of four different reticle patterns - circle dot, cross, 10 MOA dot, and 3 MOA dot - in red and green with a rheostat illumination setting, allowing you to adjust the Barska Multi-Reticle Sight for different lighting situations and targeting needs. The incredibly wide 22mm x 33mm screen of the electro sight provides unlimited eye relief and field of view for extremely fast target acquisition with any weapon. Barska has built this holographic sight with a standard 5/8" mount, which will attach to many different rail systems. For an incredibly versatile red dot sight with your choice of reticle shape and color, choose the Barska Multi Reticle Electro Sight.


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Product Reviews: Multi-Reticle Green and Red Electro Sight

SKU: AC11704
Multi Ret Eloctro sight
2014-12-13 15:17:54

I was given one for my birthday in Nov. 2005. I used it for the two weeks before Hurricane Katrina. It worked great, but needless to say the storm had other ideas. When it was over, I spent two days trying to recover, however the shotgun I had it on was completely destroyed, But not the scope. After I unwrapped the shotgun from the pine tree, the scope was still attached and it worked except that the mirror was loose and unable to be used anymore. But we are talking about a Cat 4 hurricane. The scope was lost in moving including the shotgun and it has taken me this long to find a replacement. I just purchased your Red retro sight. It is of the same quality as the old one. If I receive one tenth the use and enjoyment as the last on, It will be SLICKER THAN DEERGUTS ON A DOORKNOB. You have a satisfied customer for life, or until the BOSS (wife) says otherwise. Thanks for a great product


Excellent sight
2014-04-07 16:27:24

Well made. It's easy to adjust elevation and windage. The reticle selection feature is nice.


This cost $70.00 and works as good or better than similar units that cost $300.00 or more.
2013-01-17 17:45:49

Sturdy construction (500 rounds no problem). Great clarity and brightness. It feels like a red dot sight worth 4x's as much.

None so far.

I don't know why people will spend more, this is more then what the average person needs.
Good Quality
2012-11-18 12:09:24

Sturdy and rugged metal, easy to put on gun, already zeroed in outta box, easy to operate.

Little fuzzy around edges on reticle display, lowest light option is still pretty bright.

For $70 it's still great and if you shoot outdoors it does the job just fine.
Barska = quality and value
2012-08-06 22:01:30

compact size, diminutive weight and multiple reticles, lend versatility and enhance user shooting experience when quick, but very positive, target acquisition is important.

not a great sight for night hunting/varmint control as any light source causes glare interfering with a clear view of ones target

Please don't change your company's practice of providing excellent quality products @ excellent price which equals exceptional value and consumer satisfaction.
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