Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor - GB12166

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Barska's heart rate monitor watch with wireless transmitter chest strap. Don't miss a heart beat with Barska's new fitness heart rate monitor featuring:

  • Wireless Transmitter
  • Current Heart Rate Monitoring (Continuous)
  • Avg / Max Heart Rate
  • Calorie Counter
  • Target Zone / Time in Target Zone
  • Time Over Target Zone Alarm
  • Digital Clock
  • Heart Rate Data Record
  • Calendar
  • Chronometer
  • Count-Down Timer
  • Alarm (3 Sets)
  • Start/Stop Watch
  • Illuminated Light
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Water Resistant (30 Meters)
Barska Heart Rate Monitor Watch means that you won't miss a beat during fitness training. This Barska watch is equipped with a wireless transmitter chest strap. The watch handles all of the basic heart rate functions, with readings for current heart rate (continuous), average heart rate, maximum heart rate, target zone, time in target zone, and exercise time in target zone. The information from the Barska Heart Watch helps you maximize your workout efficiency by staying in your proper heart rate zone throughout your routine. The training watch also records your heart rate data so you can analyze it later--a must for people designing progressive workouts and goal-oriented training routines. And when it isn't reading your heart rate, this heart monitor watch from BARSKA keeps busy in other ways, with a digital clock, calorie counter, calendar, chronometer, countdown timer, stopwatch, and three alarms. Water-resistant to 30 meters, the Barska Heart Monitor Watch watch comes with a bicycle mount for heart rate monitoring while cycling.
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