Elite Edition Metal Detector by Barska - BE11642

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The Elite Edition Metal Detector from Barska is an affordable feature-rich metal detector with multiple modes of operation, adjustable sensitivity, and user-friendly LCD display. Discriminate between different ferrous objects by using the notch setting, adjustable sensitivity, and super slow sweep identification. With this easy to operate metal detection device, you'll be hunting for coins, relics, and other unseen treasures in no time. The Elite Edition features an eight inch search coil that is weather sealed and capable of detecting metals even in shallow water.


    •    LCD Display
    •    Submergible 8" Search Coil
    •    All Metal/Disc/Notch Detection Modes
    •    Three-Tone Audio Discrimination
    •    Super Slow Sweep Identification
    •    1/8" Headphone Jack
    •    Low Battery Indicator
    •    Adjustable Stem
    •    Volume Control

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The Barska Elite Edition Metal Detector is the perfect addition for any treasure hunter who wants to be able to adjust very specific settings. This Metal Detector built by Barska has three different tones for differing metals; Low Tone for foil, nails, bottle caps and/or nickels, Medium Tone for pull tabs, zinc and/or copper items and a High Tone for brass and/or silver items. This Barska Metal Detector has an LCD Display that can indicate coins of different type, gold, silver etc. When the Barska Elite Edition Metal Detector detects an object, an arrow appears below the target icon of probable type of metal being detected. The Elite Edition Metal Detector by Barska also displays the depth of the target. This Barska Metal Detector has a notch setting that eliminates the amount of junk metal being detected, so you won't have to worry about objects that are worthless. The Barska Elite Edition Metal Detector has a waterproof search coil that is perfect for treasure hunting in shallow water.

Download Elite Edition Metal Detector Manual HERE

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