Master Edition Metal Detector by barska - BE11640

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The Master Edition Metal Detector from Barska is a user-friendly metal detector with multiple modes of operation and adjustable sensitivity. Search for different kinds of metals with adjustable ground balance and high sensitivity. A dial located on the control box enables operators to discriminate between different metals by adjusting the spectral response of the search coil. The Master Edition features an eight inch search coil that is weather sealed and capable of detecting ferrous objects even in shallow water.


    •    Analog Meter
    •    Submergible 8" Search Coil
    •    VLF/TR1/TR2 Detection Modes
    •    Three-Tone Audio Discrimination
    •    1/8" Headphone Jack
    •    Low Battery Indicator
    •    Adjustable Ground
    •    Adjustable Stem
    •    Volume Control 


The Barska Master Edition Metal Detector is the ideal tool for today's treasure hunter. This Metal Detector has three operation modes the first tunes out false signals from mineralized soil mode. The second setting on the Barska Master Edition Metal Detector detects extreme differences in metals like iron and gold, while the third setting detects finer distinctions between aluminum and gold. The Master Edition Metal Detector houses an Analog Meter that shows the probable type of metal that is being detected. The Master Edition Detector by Barska comes with a waterproof search coil that lets you search for treasure in shallow water. The Barska Master Edition Metal Detector has an auto tune function that lets you adjust specific settings quickly for improved accuracy.

Download Master Edition Metal Detector Manual HERE

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