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Multi Reticle Electro Sight with Red Laser

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The Multi-Reticle Electro Sight with Red Aiming Laser from Barska combines an unmagnified optic and an aiming laser into a multi-function reflex sight. An integrated 5/8" rail mount allows the shooter to connect the Electro Sight directly to their flat top rifle, shotgun, or even crossbow. This sight has four distinct red and green reticle patterns that are brightness-adjustable using the knurled rheostat dial. The aiming laser features impact point corrections that enable the shooter to align the Electro Sight with their firearm. A multicoated objective window and unlimited eye relief make this multi-function sight well-suited for a range of recreational shooting tasks.

  • Aiming Laser with Impact Point Control
  • Selectable Red / Green Reticle Patterns
  • 5-Level Reticle Brightness Control
  • Unlimited Eye Relief
  • Integrated 5/8" Rail Mount
The new Multi-Reticle Electrosight features the unique ability to switch between 4 different reticle patterns, allowing the user to choose the most appropriate reticle for their particular targeting situation. Each of these reticle patters can then be switched between red and green, and the brightness setting for each color can be adjusted to one of five different brightness settings. The multiple color and brightness settings allow the user to adjust the Electrosight to any lighting situation.
The Multi-Reticle Electrosight also comes equipped with a red laser attached to the side. This red laser features windage and elevation adjustments, and is activated by pushing the on/off button on the back of the laser.

The 1x magnification and unlimited eye relief of the Multi-Reticle Electrosight makes it ideal for quick-acquisition targeting in CQB situations. Typically the laser would be adjusted to engage targets at around 50 yards distance, while the Electrosight itself would be zeroed in to engage targets at 100 yards. This adds to the versatility of the Multi-Reticle Electrosight, allowing the user to accurately engage targets at closer ranges and then quickly transition to engaging targets at further distances.


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SKU: AC12136