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Barska Multi Key Lock Boxes, Cash Boxes And Safe Boxes On Sale

Barska, a leader in home & office security solutions has newly developed a line of utility lock boxes and safe boxes. This new line of security safes includes compact to large multi-key lock boxes that can secure and file 100’s of keys.  A must have for the accounting office or home office is our extensive line of cash boxes and cash safe boxes. Barska® cash boxes are available in multiple models of different sizes and locking functions. Large safes like Barska’s biometric safes are great for securing your valuables, but using a cash box in combination allows the user to keep money and small valuables organized.  Barska’s “hidden Safes” are diversion safes designed to look like everyday items.  Barska’s hidden book safes are extremely popular and are available in hard back real paper book and a dictionary safe also available in a picture frame safe and photo frame key holder. For security professionals we have developed emergency key safes, these breakable emergency key lock boxes include a hammer to break a glass window to access a key in time of an emergency.
The new line of compact portable safes are designed to keep you valuables secure on the go. Transporting a handgun is safe and secure when using the Barska vehicle lock box safe or compact gun safe. The Barska compact drawer style lock box comes with a mounting plat that can be secured under your desk or in a vehicle. Currently all safes $29.99 and above ship for free, If you need help selected or setting up your safe call and talk to a safe specialist at: 1-888-666-6769
Buying Guide How To Choose A Lock Box & Safe Box
Choosing the right lock box & safe box for one’s specific needs is important; Barska has a wide selection of security solutions to select from.  The follow information will help explain the features and specifications of Barska lock boxes and safe boxes for the home & office. Also we have put together some of the main points that one should consider when selecting a lock box.
What do you need to secure? The size of the safe box is important and also consider, in the future will you need to store more. Barska makes a few larger lock boxes for securing larger items, a larger cash box may be a better investment.

What features and functions do you need? The most secure feature in the lock system for standard to compact size safes.
How often do you plan to use the safe? If you are using the lock box daily then consider the size to insure you can keep it close at hand.
Where do you plan to store the safe box? Storing your safe box in a secure location is important. Consider buying a barska large safe to store your lock box in.
Are you planning on storing a firearm? All firearms should be securely stored but in your state or city it may be the law to store your firearm in a DOJ approve storage device. Barska has several California DOJ storage safes, California DOJ being the strictest in the country meets all 50 states and local guidelines.

Types Of Safe Boxes:
  • Cash Box
  • Drawer Safe Box
  • Compact Safe Box
  • Cash Safe Box
  • Coin Safe Box
  • Large Cash Box
  • Office Safe Box
  • Home Safe Box
  • Emergency Key Box
Types Of Lock Boxes:
  • Barska Lock Box
  • Cash Lock Box
  • Office Lock Box
  • Key Lock Box
Types Of Diversion Safes :
  • Hidden Safes
  • Book Safes
  • Photo Frame Safes
  • Gift Box Safes
  • Dictionary Safes