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Hidden Real Book Lock Box By Barska

SKU: AX11682
reg price: $60.75
Sale: $29.99

Availability: In stock

This unique Hidden Real Book Lock Box by Barska has been designed to appear like the well-known novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, but opening the front cover reveals a hidden compartment for storing valuables. This solid-steel lockable compartment is surrounded by an exterior that is made of real individual pages, making it appear exactly like a real book. This allows the Hidden Real Book Lock Box to be hidden in plain view without drawing any attention to it. The Hidden Real Book Lock Box's portable and compact design makes it great for safely storing money, passports, jewelry, and other small valuables.

Dimensions (inch):
Outer Size: 7.5x1.75x 10.5
Inner Size: 5.5x1x7.75

Safe Instructions, Download Here


This unique diversion lock box allows you to hide valuables inside a commonly found item in a home. Hidden in this lock box is a solid steel safe in a compact lightweight design. Because the diversion lock box look so real they easily blend into the surroundings of a home or office. No one but you will ever know that this everyday plain objects is really a lock box in disguise. Valuables can be hidden secretly inside this look-a-like diversion lock box and kept in it's seemingly rightful place. Ideal for safely storing small valuables such as money, passports and jewelry. Backed by a One-Year Limited Warranty.

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Product Reviews: Hidden Real Book Lock Box By Barska

SKU: AX11682
Fit for Fireams
2014-03-13 18:11:37

For the intended purpose this is quite nice. Inside is the stated 5.5" wide and is a tad over 8", the dimensions may allow for the lock-bolt which intrudes only minimally. If anyone wonders, it can easily house a modern semi-auto with room for a sub-compact; namely an SD40 VE AND an LCP .380 - OR one of either with room for ammo / magazines. Never meant to replace a real "gun case" it doesn't arouse suspicion for concealed transport. Am ordering another.

None, it even ships for free !!!!

should be biometric
2013-11-20 08:21:29

Great hiding in plain sight.

They don't make biometric lock for this. Make more sense if it is activate by your fingerprints.

Please make them in biometric.
Hiding in Plain Sight
2012-04-19 18:16:08

Love the real paper pages, unlike other book safes that have that plastic reflection so you can tell that it's a fake book, can easily fit everyday items like money, jewelry and a checkbook

great quality at a small price
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