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AF11600 - Tripod with Pistol Grip Head by Barska

BARSKA Tripod w/Pistol Grip Head, Pistol Grip Head System with quick release platform, Extendable legs with spiked rubber feet, 83.2 oz., Min. height: 22 inches, Max. height: 53 inches

BARSKA Tripod w/Pistol Grip Head, This quick orientation ball head allows the camera to be pointed in almost any direction with ease. Just release the trigger and the ball head locks firmly into place, at any angle. The rubber feet of this tripod can be exposed to reveal spikes that can be placed in uneven ground, such as in between rocks. Each leg can also be angled independently from 45 to 175, ideal for leaning the tripod against an angled wall. Weight 83 oz., Min. height: 22 inches, Max. height: 53 inches.

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