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AU11404 - 5mW Green Laser Sight by Barska
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Tactical Green Laser Sights By Barska - On Sale

The GLX tactical green laser sighting devices by Barska® are the ultimate in instant target acquisition for firearms such as handguns and tactical rifles. The new third generation GLX rifle laser sight by Barska features fingertip adjustable "riflescope style" windage and elevation adjustments.

The innovative new GLX compact laser sights feature a built-in picatinny / weaver accessory rail for and additional mounted light or grip. These compact laser sights work well with handguns, they are available in green and red laser. sights with a built-in a standard picatinny / weaver base. The new red laser flashlight combination features a quick release mount for handguns and rifles.

All Barska laser sights feature a 5mW high power laser diode, which is the maximum allowed for civilian use. Not all states allow the use of a laser-sighting device for hunting applications, check with your state and local fish & game authorities before using a laser sight for hunting and more.

Popular Tactical Laser Sights:

  1. 5mW GLX green laser sight for rifles – this 3 generation GLX rifle sight features riflescope style windage & elevation.
  2. 5mw GLX compact tactical green laser sight – features a built-in standard picatinny / weaver base and a integrated accessory rail for flashlights and grips
  3. 160 Lumen tactical flashlight with red laser sight – this compact combination features a high power flashlight with a built-in red laser sight.

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